Visualizing Velocity Fields

For this project I researched the behaviour of velocity fields, generated from volume noises layered with curl noise. The spawning of the particles is randomized on the surface of a fluid mesh, which originates from point cloud data in an attempt to make the effect more visually interesting. The color originates from the birth position, …

Web and App

Front-End Web Development – Atlas Copco

In the summer of 2018, I started creating the front-end of one of Atlas Copco’s daughter companies. I was tasked with the entire flow and design of the website, as well as taking and processing over 100 images, along with creating a new logo. Afterwards I was in charge of maintaining it. If you would …

Poster Dandywash A4
Digital Expert Skills Python Web and App


Introduction I think we all catch ourselves throwing clothes in the laundry basket from time to time, hoping that your future self will sort it out. Unfortunately, this only works until you have lost a certain item of clothing. Oops, it’s still in the laundry basket… In the meantime, it is almost overflowing with dirty …