Bachelor’s degree, cum laude, specialized in 3D Simulations
2016 – 2019

When looking for a higher education, I had a hard time to find something I was really passionate about. Since ‘Visual Effects’ and ‘3D Production’ weren’t really used terms in an economics class, I got enrolled in some graphic design program. Luckily, Facebook hit me with the ad of my life 2 weeks before the start of the semester, and I switched schools the next day.

In the summer of 2019 I received my Bachelor’s degree in Visual Effects and 3D Production. I had ended this education with a wonderful 6 month traineeship in the UK, at Outpost VFX. You can find a designated blog post about this experience here.

Digital Arts & Entertainment has been a fervent contender in the rookies competition. During the 3 years I was there, we won the number one prize 2 times! The contest really lives in and around the University buildings. my submission in 2019 got picked up, and I reached the finals for the Lost Boys, Rising Sun Pictures Education and the Animal Logic scholarships. Eventually I won the position at Lost Boys worth $5.000, but decided to focus on programming.

This passion for development lead me to push forward into a second bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s degree, specialized in Artificial Intelligence
2019 – 2022

I wanted to take programming very seriously. Combine that with a deeply rooted passion for Python and the only reasonable outcome is MCT.

MCT brings cutting-edge technologies to the table, served by experienced and passionate lecturers. Please do visit their website to find out more.

The curriculum splits up after the 3rd semester. This is a bit late in my opinion, but I do like the broad fundamentals that are offered in the first section.

I chose to specialize in Artificial Intelligence. This track goes deeper into maths and data science, which I find very interesting topics. It also expolores the realms of DevOps and Cloud Services, which are key components of future businesses. On top of all that comes Backend Development (ASP .NET) and not to forget, every bit of AI knowledge you could ever need.

Besides diplomas, I like to continue educate myself through various online resources. These include PluralSight, Youtube, Hackerrank, …

While the knowledge I have gained from these 3 platforms alone can not be compared to what a proper university offers. They have been extremely convenient extensions to both curriculums.

To drop some buzzwords:

  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • CI / CD