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Virtual Machine Management Automation – Outpost VFX

For the biggest chunk of my time here, I was developing a system for monitoring and predicting task durations on virtual machines. The first part of the project was gathering data from these machines and their tasks, as well as making sense of it all by visualising and interpreting said data.

I then was able to create a desktop application that would:

  • Read the available / consumed resources from the different pools of virtual machines
  • Predict the total duration of each individual task (running and queued)
  • Display a neat and comprehensive overview for non-technical people
  • Give the ability to overwrite priorities and limits directly in the GUI

You can read more about my time at Outpost here.
They have also uploaded a small blog post about my victory at the Rookies comptetion

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact me and we can talk about it in more detail.

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