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Exploring Xamarin.Forms

In the Device Programming course at MCT we learned the fundamentals of C# and OOP. This knowledge was directly applied on mobile app development. The focus was on the Backend of the applications (C#) but we would visualize the data directly using XAML. This way of styling took some time to get used to, but when I figured out the capabilities, especially combined with C#, the sky really was the limit.

To really grasp all concepts and root the knowledge, we got tasked with a project. The scope of which was rather undefined. This allowed for great freedom and creativity. The main guidelines were visualizing some kind of data from some kind of REST API.

I decided to integrate the Github API. I am really active on Github and love the information and possibilities they provide in their API.

The app I made was really just a practice run. Getting my feet wet in mobile develpoment. And I really enjoyed it. Making those dynamic views depending on data was absolutely amazing. I guess it’s quite similar to web development, but doing it all in C# was a very nice developer experience.

I reckon Xamarin.Forms is not quite popular in production, and people are loving React Native, which is a challenge I would love to take on in the future! As of now, I might rewrite some old code and tailor it to mobile use, maybe even publish something on the Play Store, see what that process is like. Truly eye opening times!

If you would like to know more about this project, feel free to reach out.

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