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3D Asset Analysis Automation – Prompto

After meeting the amazing team of Prompto at my old university, we decided to team up to automate and simplify their 3D asset pipeline as much as possible.

During my time here, I have created an asset validation system, which will validate over 30 criteria. This script can run in batch, in order to reduce as much manual labor as possible.

These checks include:

  • Overlapping Vertices
  • Open Edges
  • Inverted Normals (On 1 or more faces)
  • UV / Material IDs
  • Polygon Density
  • Missing Links / Libraries / Bitmaps
  • Face Count

The result is appended to a csv file. If none is specified, or the one that is given does not exist, a new csv file will be created. This ensures that the checks will always be logged to some form of output.

As a user, you have complete freedom to disable certain checks as well as saving and loading presets, all to optimize your time and mood.

There is also the option to enable / disable certain filetypes. The script will look for the selected filetypes recursively, starting from the selected directories, scanning every nested folder it comes across. This can particularly come in handy when you have some root folder that contains a lot more than just what you want to process.

For the files / directories selection I opted for a secondary widget to maintain a readable overview. This window allows you to select multiple files / directoies at once for optimal usability.

The window will also adapt its height according to the size of the selection. When some maximum value has been exceeded, it will become scrollable. Manual typing in the text fields will also be recorded and stored.

You can read more about Prompto here.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact me and we can talk about it in more detail.

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