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The first year is done! It’s not quite the first year of studying for me, but it was in this new adventure. After an instructive internship in the UK I decided not to stop studying. I had just finished my bachelors degree cum laude, but wanted more.

Digital Arts & Entertainment (the education I had just finished) was very specific. Even though I got a couple of job offers right after graduating, it is a very uncertain industry. Especially when you want to live in Belgium. There is barely any stability in the entire visual effects business. Since my specialization (simulations / programming) was even more specific, this became more prominent for me.

That’s why I decided to diversify my passion for programming. Pinning myself down to such a niche would not be the best move for my carreer and future life in general. However, it was no easy decision to make. I was 20 years old and living in the UK. The world was at my feet. Part of me really wanted to jump and swim. See how it goes along the way and wing it.

Another part of me did not want to regret not trying something else first. I took a leap of faith and came back. Back to my friends, family, and safe zone. At first it felt a bit uncomfortable. Like I passed out on a big opportunity. Like I took a huge step back. Being back home felt like quiting on my dream. Going back to school only made that feeling worse. I promised myself to stick through at least 1 year.

During that year I faced a lot of challenges. The drive and ambition to start my own life was very present. However, I absolutely loved the new things I learned at MCT and I had a lot of fun implementing those in side projects. Not all, of course. Some courses I found rather useless, but that is just the side-effect of taking on a bachelors degree.

Another major contributor to my current hapiness is Prompto. They allowed me to code for them 16 hours a week. This made me feel like a professional whilst studying. Being able to earn some money, learn a lot and enjoy the work helped me stick through countless lectures.

It was a lot of hard work, but in the end it really did pay off. I have learned so many things and I have been able to apply those in very interesting ways. I have made tons of side projects and enjoyed each and every one of them thoroughly. It’s been my busiest year so far, bringing me the most satisfaction ever.

My results reflect that, and can be viewed below.

Looking back I am very grateful for the people around me to continue to motivate me. I am also grateful for my drive and proven passion. This year was a very though test for me and I passed. I have decided to finish the degree and sustain the momentum. I am in a good place. Thank you for reading.

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