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3D Software Integration – Prompto

For demo videos, Prompto wanted the offline rendering power of Blender, to be able to process a scene created in Unreal. While carrying over most of the data is quite easy, the materials are a big problem. There is no obvious way to package these up in a mutually understood filetype. Unlike the geometry, which …

Python Web and App

API Driven Web App – Flask & Vanilla JavaScript

Lately I have been seeking opportunities to apply the knowledge gained at my studyprogramme MCT. We’ve been getting courses on Fronted, Backend and MySQL. I have been following some additional courses on C# ASP.NET in my free time as well. However, for this project I opted for Flask. The main reason being that it is …

CGI Digital Expert Skills Python

Blender Python Scripting Fundamentals

I’ve been working with 3D applications for over 5 years now, and since the start, I’ve always been intruiged by the possibilities of automation and programming. I decided to proceed this curiosity and I feel like it is finally time to spread my knowledge, and give back to the community. Over the years, I have …

CGI Python

Automated Shapespark Scene Generation

Introduction While working together with Prompto, my biggest task was generating a Blender scene from an Unreal level. Even though both software packages know the same abstract concepts like light, materials and objects, the implementations were very different. I had to reverse engineer the Unreal level to its core in order to rebuild it from …

Digital Expert Skills Web and App

Adobe XD Global Styles CSS Exporter

This Adobe XD Plugin will automate the process of migrating global styles to CSS variables. The plugin will look at the colors, font families and font styles that are saved in the assets pannel. These are grouped, ordered and written to disk. The output will look something like this: Note that the neutral colors are …

CGI Python

3D Asset Analysis Automation – Prompto

After meeting the amazing team of Prompto at my old university, we decided to team up to automate and simplify their 3D asset pipeline as much as possible. During my time here, I have created an asset validation system, which will validate over 30 criteria. This script can run in batch, in order to reduce …